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I’m a 33 year old mother of two young girls. One is three the other is one. I grew up playing sports (soccer & softball) and was also a cheerleader in Jr. High. In high school I was in JROTC and was the battalion commander (highest ranking cadet in the program).

I’ve always enjoyed working out and being challenged physically. When I was younger, I never really looked like I was in shape cause of the way I ate. I never saw my full potential until I was about 20. I met a friend who told me that the way to get lean is to eat healthy foods. At first I was skeptical,  but I saw how much her body had changed. This friend also entered into a figure competition and took the overall trophy. I was so envious and wanted to compete; so, I set out to follow in her footsteps.

It was not easy I had to re-train my tastebuds to like healthy foods. I rarely ate any vegetables and consumed a lot of fast food, soda, and candy. I did this cold turkey and competed in my first figure competition in 2007. I was so nervous I called my mom the night before the show crying and said I was backing out of the show. My mom told me: “no, you aren’t, look how far you’ve come, you are getting on that stage!” I did,  and I won the overall trophy too! I was so shocked! This ignited the fire in me to continue to compete.

I learned a lot from the process: discipline, hard work, and integrity. There are so many competitors that use performance enhancing drugs; I knew this wasn’t for me and I was going to prove to everyone I could do it naturally!

I competed nationally at the USA’s in figure and took 5th in 2009. I wanted my pro card SO bad and was so close to getting it. The next year I did the same competition but didn’t even place. I was devastated 😞 the judges were looking for more muscular girls and I knew I couldn’t compete against them naturally (without taking steroids) so I hung up my heels and decided to focus on other things in my life like: having a family and getting married.

Here we are seven years later and I wanted to see all the improvements I’ve made over the years; and I wanted to get in shape after having my babies. I put on about 10 pounds of muscle in 7 years. My goal now is to get my pro card in the NGA, or in a natural NPC show. I’m working on improving some areas and then next year I will compete again; hopefully since I’m nationally qualified.

I started this blog to helps people realize it’s never too late to follow your dreams! That if you want something bad enough you can achieve it! I want to motivate moms to know that they can get their body back after having children and that when you are pregnant it’s important to workout and keep your body strong. It will make it that much easier to lose the weight, and you won’t gain a lot of weight being pregnant.

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