Weight is just a number……

Whether you are a man or a woman the scale can skew your progress. Some men get depressed when they lose weight, some women get depressed when they gain weight (depends on the person).

 When you are on a fitness journey the best advice I can give you in throw away the scale! (I struggle with this too) I use to wake up check the scale right away and that would determine my mood for the day. How dumb is that??? A number on the scale could depict whether I’m happy or not!?!? INSANITY!!! Instead of the scale take progress pictures, this is the best way to determine progress! Your weight fluctuates so much during the day and during the month for women so do not let that number define you!! Take into consideration how your clothes fit or take measurements once a week to see results. I know results are the key motivation to staying on track so that is why the scale can be the devil 👹

This is 2 different preps for my figure competitions 8 years apart. It’s interesting to see how if you start out leaner you maintain muscle a lot more! I’m 14 pounds heavier in 2017 than 2009. 

I’m not quite as lean in my pre-comp photos in 2017 but I was worried about being 14 pounds heavier that I wasn’t ready to compete. These photos show that I’ve put on some muscle mass which has made my weight go up in a positive way. 

I get this statement all the time I’ve switched my eating and I haven’t lost a pound so I gave up! NOOOO don’t give up because of that number, take pictures! Even if the scale doesn’t go down there is nothing negative about getting exercise you will have more energy, better mood, better overal health. 

It’s not about the number, it’s about feeling good about your body cause we all have issues, I’ve got them too! I think that’s a song lol “I’ve got issues and you’ve got them too” but don’t fixate on the scale please, please, please look at the bigger picture. Your health 😘

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