Improvement Season

This is 3 months difference between my June competition and September. Pretty much the same weight (129) just a little bit tighter in the legs. I’m excited to make some improvements and compete in the spring. It will be a nice break since I’ve been in competition prep for a year. 3 competitions in 5 months and I took a very slow prep approach. I started last October and was still breastfeeding which slowed everything down immensely. So I prepped from October-April for my first show of the year. I did not cheat or come off my macro plan once. It’s all about consistency! Don’t let the scale discourage you!!! I stayed at the same weight literally for 2 months!!! My body was changing though, building muscle losing fat. Don’t give up after 1-2 weeks of dieting your body needs a good month of lifestyle changes to show improvement. I had a friend ask me at the gym how I stay motivated everyday to live this lifestyle. (It made me teary-eyed telling him) I told him I’m grateful for my health and that I have the ability to actually workout. Some people don’t have the privilege to be able to walk, lift etc. Don’t take advantage of these things cause you never know what could happen and then you will look back and wonder, “why didn’t I do this when I could?” Turn being able to workout into a positive thought like, “I’m so lucky I can run a mile, I’m so lucky I can ride a bike, I’m so lucky I can lift this weight.” When I inspire people that is my biggest motivator me to keep on going! #throwbackthursday #cantstopwontstop #momsthatlift #naturalfigurecompetitor #NGAPRO #improvmentseason

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