Maintaining is the hardest part! 

So in the past when I’ve competed after my competition I’ve completely gone off my diet and ate everything in sight! Within a month I would gain up to 30 pounds back, all my hard work would go down the toilet. After the most recent competitions I’ve done I did a reverse diet and did not have any cheat meals.

This time around I’ve decided I’m going to maintain this body since I worked so hard to get here! Everyday is a fight, but I choose this lifestyle cause it’s what makes me happy. You can’t go on a diet lose a bunch of weight and then go back to your old eating habits. Most people will gain back more than what they started at.

This is why macro counting works so well for me because I never feel deprived cause I get to eat some foods that I like but most of my diet consists of healthy foods. It’s been three weeks since and I’ve stayed within 3 pounds of my contest weight of 129.

If anyone has ever lost weight they will tell you that getting there is the easy part but maintaining it is where the struggle is at! I’ve never been successful at this part and you may say “oh wow 3 weeks that is no big deal,” for me that is a huge deal cause I’ve never maintained my contest shape even after 3 days!!!

“Diets” don’t work “lifestyle changes” do, if you want it bad enough you need to work for it every, single, day!

I went on vacation this past weekend and I didn’t track my food at all. I tried to keep my protein high but I did splurge on some things I wanted. I was nervous about gaining weight but when I came back I got right back on the wagon and I didn’t gain any weight on my vacation.

It’s all about consistency not perfection, if you mess up don’t give up and throw in the towel. Get back to what you were doing and fight. “Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels.” 😊

Left picture: 2 days after competition

Right Picture: 3 weeks after competitor

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