You vs. You

This competition and every competition should be you against you. You can’t control what the judges want or what genetics will show up to compete. I knew I could do better and wanted to be my best on stage. Back in 2009 when I competed in the USA’s I weighed 118 pounds, in my most recent competition pictures I weighed 129. I’ve gained about 10 pounds of muscle in 7 years. The weight difference between the two most recents shows is 3 pounds in 7 weeks!! THATS ALL! There are people that are amazed that I’ve done this naturally (some don’t believe me) but if you think about it I’ve been consistently lifting for 17 years!!! I’ve always made working out a priority in my life. To some people it’s a waste of time but everyone in life has things they enjoy and working out is one of mine. I feel like I accomplished a lot in 7 weeks and brought a better, leaner physique! I’m not sure when I will compete next but I will most likely stick to natural shows in the future. Thank you to all the people who have supported me and encouraged me along the way. Also all the nice and congratulatory comments. You have no idea how much you motivate me to keep going. 😘#naturalfigurecompetitor #mombod #Teamheugly #momsthatlift

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