Two more days!

So in these pictures on the left I’m one week out from my next figure competition. The one on the right was seven weeks earlier from the other one. I’m currently 2 days out from my second show post baby number two. I would be lying if I said this whole process has been easy or enjoyable. Competing by itself is a feat and then throw two humans into the mix is A LOT OF STRESS! Everyday worrying when your next workout will be (like wondering when you would get your next “drug” fix haha) or if you have enough time/energy to complete your workout that day. With competing you can’t make excuses you have to commit 💯 or you won’t have the results you want in the end or feel good about it. The mental game of the last couple weeks causes a lot of self doubt, and you second guess yourself so much! Am I lean enough, have I practiced posing enough, etc etc etc! You don’t see yourself clearly in the mirror and you let the scale mess with your mind! The last week you just have to stop listening to your head and just press on cause your mind will talk you out of competing. I’ve only lost 3 pounds since my last competition but I know I’m a lot leaner so no matter what I’ve won and accomplished my goals! I’m looking forward to competing this time see how much I’ve improved since I competed 7 years ago. I’ve been on really low carbs the last two weeks and today I had to cut out my only joy which is Diet Coke lol. It’s ok I can make it two more days! There is so much preparation the last week to get ready: hair, nails, makeup, tanning, meal prep, it’s even harder juggling kids and finding babysitters. I’ve been working out 3 hours a day for the past 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to lowering my cardio back down cause 2 hours a day is daunting 😩 Well like I said I’m 2 days out and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be I just have one more workout and then the countdown begins!


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