One Year Post-baby

It’s been a year of hard a** work! I’ve had so many ups and downs through the whole process. From dealing with breastfeeding, hormones, being a mom, sick kids, all of life’s obstacles, I had a goal in mind and I made it! All the self doubt that comes along with show prep is always there no matter how prepared you are. My last show I wasn’t where I wanted to be due to hormones from breastfeeding slowing down my progress but I worked my butt off and thought I deserved to show off what I worked so hard for! The stage isn’t my favorite part of competing it’s the mental strength I gain each time from overcoming everything life throws at you! I love the discipline I learn from the process. Last week my whole family had the flu and was puking and then I ended up getting it too (no puke though) I didn’t make excuses I pushed through the workouts cause I had a goal. Everyone in life has trials but it’s how you handle them and grow from them. My theme song this show has been “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” I’ve felt like throwing in the towel a lot but instead I pressed on and stayed on the path to the end. Whatever motivates you focus on that and work towards your goals each day, one step at a time you will get there! Show time this week I’m so EXCITED! #naturalfigurecompetitor #motivationmonday#TeamHeugly #transformation #mombod #momswholift #peakweek


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