Total Transformation

Going through my closet today I found an old pair of pants that I keep to remind me how far I’ve come. People think staying in shape might be easy for me, but I promise you I struggle. Food to me is like an addiction, it’s on my mind constantly. In the picture on the left I was 19 and weighed 185 (size 14) the pants that I’m modeling on the right are the ones I wore at that time (they were tight on me). I wasn’t happy at this weight and I knew I needed a change. I had been working out at the gym for two years consistently in the picture on the left and didn’t change my diet at all. I saw little results, I asked people at the gym that I admired how they looked the way they did. Their answer was always I eat healthy food. Still being skeptical I continued spinning my wheels at the gym. Finally I met a friend at the gym that was competing in a figure competition. I was curious about it and researched it and decided I wanted to compete too! I slowly started cutting out things like soda, fast food, fried foods and I loved the results I saw. You can use every excuse why you can’t choose to eat healthy but there is always something wherever you go that is a healthy option. You just have to choose to be better, you have to choose you want to change, you have to choose to be healthy. I promise if I can do it, you can too. The hardest part is starting but once you do you will find how many benefits there are to eating right and exercising. Read this article to find out: #naturalfigurecompetitor#transformation
#weaknessesintostrengths #NGATransformation

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