Maintaining is the hardest part! 

So in the past when I’ve competed after my competition I’ve completely gone off my diet and ate everything in sight! Within a month I would gain up to 30 pounds back, all my hard work would go down the toilet. After the most recent competitions I’ve done I did a reverse diet and did not have any cheat meals.

This time around I’ve decided I’m going to maintain this body since I worked so hard to get here! Everyday is a fight, but I choose this lifestyle cause it’s what makes me happy. You can’t go on a diet lose a bunch of weight and then go back to your old eating habits. Most people will gain back more than what they started at.

This is why macro counting works so well for me because I never feel deprived cause I get to eat some foods that I like but most of my diet consists of healthy foods. It’s been three weeks since and I’ve stayed within 3 pounds of my contest weight of 129.

If anyone has ever lost weight they will tell you that getting there is the easy part but maintaining it is where the struggle is at! I’ve never been successful at this part and you may say “oh wow 3 weeks that is no big deal,” for me that is a huge deal cause I’ve never maintained my contest shape even after 3 days!!!

“Diets” don’t work “lifestyle changes” do, if you want it bad enough you need to work for it every, single, day!

I went on vacation this past weekend and I didn’t track my food at all. I tried to keep my protein high but I did splurge on some things I wanted. I was nervous about gaining weight but when I came back I got right back on the wagon and I didn’t gain any weight on my vacation.

It’s all about consistency not perfection, if you mess up don’t give up and throw in the towel. Get back to what you were doing and fight. “Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels.” 😊

Left picture: 2 days after competition

Right Picture: 3 weeks after competitor

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You vs. You

This competition and every competition should be you against you. You can’t control what the judges want or what genetics will show up to compete. I knew I could do better and wanted to be my best on stage. Back in 2009 when I competed in the USA’s I weighed 118 pounds, in my most recent competition pictures I weighed 129. I’ve gained about 10 pounds of muscle in 7 years. The weight difference between the two most recents shows is 3 pounds in 7 weeks!! THATS ALL! There are people that are amazed that I’ve done this naturally (some don’t believe me) but if you think about it I’ve been consistently lifting for 17 years!!! I’ve always made working out a priority in my life. To some people it’s a waste of time but everyone in life has things they enjoy and working out is one of mine. I feel like I accomplished a lot in 7 weeks and brought a better, leaner physique! I’m not sure when I will compete next but I will most likely stick to natural shows in the future. Thank you to all the people who have supported me and encouraged me along the way. Also all the nice and congratulatory comments. You have no idea how much you motivate me to keep going. 😘#naturalfigurecompetitor #mombod #Teamheugly #momsthatlift

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Two more days!

So in these pictures on the left I’m one week out from my next figure competition. The one on the right was seven weeks earlier from the other one. I’m currently 2 days out from my second show post baby number two. I would be lying if I said this whole process has been easy or enjoyable. Competing by itself is a feat and then throw two humans into the mix is A LOT OF STRESS! Everyday worrying when your next workout will be (like wondering when you would get your next “drug” fix haha) or if you have enough time/energy to complete your workout that day. With competing you can’t make excuses you have to commit 💯 or you won’t have the results you want in the end or feel good about it. The mental game of the last couple weeks causes a lot of self doubt, and you second guess yourself so much! Am I lean enough, have I practiced posing enough, etc etc etc! You don’t see yourself clearly in the mirror and you let the scale mess with your mind! The last week you just have to stop listening to your head and just press on cause your mind will talk you out of competing. I’ve only lost 3 pounds since my last competition but I know I’m a lot leaner so no matter what I’ve won and accomplished my goals! I’m looking forward to competing this time see how much I’ve improved since I competed 7 years ago. I’ve been on really low carbs the last two weeks and today I had to cut out my only joy which is Diet Coke lol. It’s ok I can make it two more days! There is so much preparation the last week to get ready: hair, nails, makeup, tanning, meal prep, it’s even harder juggling kids and finding babysitters. I’ve been working out 3 hours a day for the past 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to lowering my cardio back down cause 2 hours a day is daunting 😩 Well like I said I’m 2 days out and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be I just have one more workout and then the countdown begins!


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One Year Post-baby

It’s been a year of hard a** work! I’ve had so many ups and downs through the whole process. From dealing with breastfeeding, hormones, being a mom, sick kids, all of life’s obstacles, I had a goal in mind and I made it! All the self doubt that comes along with show prep is always there no matter how prepared you are. My last show I wasn’t where I wanted to be due to hormones from breastfeeding slowing down my progress but I worked my butt off and thought I deserved to show off what I worked so hard for! The stage isn’t my favorite part of competing it’s the mental strength I gain each time from overcoming everything life throws at you! I love the discipline I learn from the process. Last week my whole family had the flu and was puking and then I ended up getting it too (no puke though) I didn’t make excuses I pushed through the workouts cause I had a goal. Everyone in life has trials but it’s how you handle them and grow from them. My theme song this show has been “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” I’ve felt like throwing in the towel a lot but instead I pressed on and stayed on the path to the end. Whatever motivates you focus on that and work towards your goals each day, one step at a time you will get there! Show time this week I’m so EXCITED! #naturalfigurecompetitor #motivationmonday#TeamHeugly #transformation #mombod #momswholift #peakweek


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Total Transformation

Going through my closet today I found an old pair of pants that I keep to remind me how far I’ve come. People think staying in shape might be easy for me, but I promise you I struggle. Food to me is like an addiction, it’s on my mind constantly. In the picture on the left I was 19 and weighed 185 (size 14) the pants that I’m modeling on the right are the ones I wore at that time (they were tight on me). I wasn’t happy at this weight and I knew I needed a change. I had been working out at the gym for two years consistently in the picture on the left and didn’t change my diet at all. I saw little results, I asked people at the gym that I admired how they looked the way they did. Their answer was always I eat healthy food. Still being skeptical I continued spinning my wheels at the gym. Finally I met a friend at the gym that was competing in a figure competition. I was curious about it and researched it and decided I wanted to compete too! I slowly started cutting out things like soda, fast food, fried foods and I loved the results I saw. You can use every excuse why you can’t choose to eat healthy but there is always something wherever you go that is a healthy option. You just have to choose to be better, you have to choose you want to change, you have to choose to be healthy. I promise if I can do it, you can too. The hardest part is starting but once you do you will find how many benefits there are to eating right and exercising. Read this article to find out: #naturalfigurecompetitor#transformation
#weaknessesintostrengths #NGATransformation

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Weight is just a number……

Whether you are a man or a woman the scale can skew your progress. Some men get depressed when they lose weight, some women get depressed when they gain weight (depends on the person).

 When you are on a fitness journey the best advice I can give you in throw away the scale! (I struggle with this too) I use to wake up check the scale right away and that would determine my mood for the day. How dumb is that??? A number on the scale could depict whether I’m happy or not!?!? INSANITY!!! Instead of the scale take progress pictures, this is the best way to determine progress! Your weight fluctuates so much during the day and during the month for women so do not let that number define you!! Take into consideration how your clothes fit or take measurements once a week to see results. I know results are the key motivation to staying on track so that is why the scale can be the devil 👹

This is 2 different preps for my figure competitions 8 years apart. It’s interesting to see how if you start out leaner you maintain muscle a lot more! I’m 14 pounds heavier in 2017 than 2009. 

I’m not quite as lean in my pre-comp photos in 2017 but I was worried about being 14 pounds heavier that I wasn’t ready to compete. These photos show that I’ve put on some muscle mass which has made my weight go up in a positive way. 

I get this statement all the time I’ve switched my eating and I haven’t lost a pound so I gave up! NOOOO don’t give up because of that number, take pictures! Even if the scale doesn’t go down there is nothing negative about getting exercise you will have more energy, better mood, better overal health. 

It’s not about the number, it’s about feeling good about your body cause we all have issues, I’ve got them too! I think that’s a song lol “I’ve got issues and you’ve got them too” but don’t fixate on the scale please, please, please look at the bigger picture. Your health 😘

Improvement Season

This is 3 months difference between my June competition and September. Pretty much the same weight (129) just a little bit tighter in the legs. I’m excited to make some improvements and compete in the spring. It will be a nice break since I’ve been in competition prep for a year. 3 competitions in 5 months and I took a very slow prep approach. I started last October and was still breastfeeding which slowed everything down immensely. So I prepped from October-April for my first show of the year. I did not cheat or come off my macro plan once. It’s all about consistency! Don’t let the scale discourage you!!! I stayed at the same weight literally for 2 months!!! My body was changing though, building muscle losing fat. Don’t give up after 1-2 weeks of dieting your body needs a good month of lifestyle changes to show improvement. I had a friend ask me at the gym how I stay motivated everyday to live this lifestyle. (It made me teary-eyed telling him) I told him I’m grateful for my health and that I have the ability to actually workout. Some people don’t have the privilege to be able to walk, lift etc. Don’t take advantage of these things cause you never know what could happen and then you will look back and wonder, “why didn’t I do this when I could?” Turn being able to workout into a positive thought like, “I’m so lucky I can run a mile, I’m so lucky I can ride a bike, I’m so lucky I can lift this weight.” When I inspire people that is my biggest motivator me to keep on going! #throwbackthursday #cantstopwontstop #momsthatlift #naturalfigurecompetitor #NGAPRO #improvmentseason

Loving the grind 

To be a bodybuilder you have to love the grind. Many people want to be stage ready but the people who succeed are the ones who are willing to put in the work, sacrifice, and the discipline it takes to get there. It’s more mental than physical for me, I love the workouts, that is the easy part. It’s the 22 hours you aren’t at the gym that makes or breaks you. I love that people make assumptions about me like oh she takes this or that or she is naturally fit (it pushes me harder) If you put in 💯 you will get 💯 of the benefits. I live, sleep and eat for being fit so why shouldn’t I look like this? I’ve put in 17 years of lifting and haven’t missed more than a week in the gym. There is 10 years between these photos and two kids later with the same great photographer Matthew Paepke. If I didn’t enjoy the grind I would have given up a long time ago. Working out is an outlet to so many benefits that I’ve experienced in my life. Just remember enjoy the journey everyone starts somewhere. No matter what don’t give up our bodies are incredible and you can make it anything you want it to be! 💝 

Consistency and Nutrition is the key 🔑 

Motivation Monday: Wow that is a lot of meals! I’ve lost 16 pounds between these two photos. This is a 9 month transformation, consistency will get you to your goals. In my opinion nutrition is the key. You can workout as much as you want but without the proper amount of food nothing is going to change. People ask me what my secret is, it is my food, it’s as simple as that. Yes I do cardio and lift but so wxedo a lot of other people at the gym, but why aren’t they getting the results they expect!?!? It’s because they choose to eat poorly which causes them to not see results. Diet is the absolute hardest part of getting in shape but if you make the decision today to change your eating habits I promise you will see results! Keep fighting towards your goals and step by step you will get there if you want it bad enough!

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